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*To become a sponsor please contact Nick Lucich
at (209) 586-1495 x 112

Have Saddle-Will Travel, Inc.™ is the innovative outfitter for people who were “Born to Ride”. We design, field-test, and manufacture saddles, tack, clothing, and equipment for today's pleasure-trail riders. All HS-WT products are modular, versatile, lightweight, compressible, and rugged.

Specifically created to meet the needs of discriminating horsemen and horsewomen, hi-tech fabrics and multi-functional features make this catalog collection compatible with many outdoor uses. HS-WT products not only look great...they really work!

Whispering Horsemanship, owned by Steve and Kimmie Sowers, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, helped Matt and his new horse Silver bond with each other for the

2005 ADT trip. Their horse whispering services were donated to Matt because they believe in the dream behind his trip. Matt could not have done this trip without them! The following is an essay from Steve Sowers – If you are interested in learning more about Horse Whispering or would like to work with Whispering Horsemanship please call them at 734-428-8883.

Established in 1986 by Russ Barnett, a lifelong horse lover and packer, Outfitters Supply began as a small company in Columbia Falls, Montana looking to provide practical solutions for the everyday challenges encountered by trail riders and horse packers. Outfitters Supply currently houses a team of very skilled professionals, working hard to provide you with a large selection of well made, high quality products at prices you can afford. Our knowledgeable staff spend hours field testing each and every one of our products, to make sure that they live up to our standards

Old Mac's Therapeutic Saddle Pads

Cavallo Horse & Rider, a company that is invested in the longevity of the working horse, provides a total comfort system for Horse and Rider alike. We are proud to sponsor Mathew Parks on his 'ride of passage'.  Matt has been riding in a Western All-Purpose Therapeutic Saddle Pad, so as to ensure the over-all protection of his horses back, and compensate for any possible 'saddle fit' issue's he may have pertaining to the horse/saddle combinations.  Matt was also given a full set of Old Mac Multi-Purpose Horse Boots, to use as a spare tire if his horse threw a shoe, or to use instead of metal shoes .  Please visit www.cavallo-inc.com for more information.

Hi-Tec almost singularly focuses on developing attractive, comfortable, lightweight high-quality shoes at a fair "true value" price. We apply high technology build processes and leverage innovative materials to ensure the ultimate in comfort, whether your needs are performance-oriented, or more leisure wear centric.