November 2005 Cross Country Rider Arriving in Del

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September 2005

'Ride' of Passage Across the Country The Journal-Press, Indiana
August 2005 Horse Power Messenger Inquirer
July 2005 Ride of Passage takes man through Santa Claus Ottowa Herald
July 2005 "Man With A Plan" Cross Country Horseman Making "Ride of Passage" Independent Horse Journal
June 2005 A Long, Long, Journey The Spencer County Journal Democrat
June 2005 Riding Silver Away The Herald
June 2004 Traveling Man Discovering America the Pioneer Way Mason Valley News
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September 2004 Hope Graduate Hits American Discovery Trail

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September 2004 Ride of Passage

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August 2004 Where in the World is Matt Parker

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July 2004 The Ultimate Trail Ride Man makes The Horsemen's Corral
July 2004 The Ultimate Trail Ride

The Horsemen's Corral

December 2003 Horse and Rider Rest Through Winter after 1,000-Ride Willow Glen Resident
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September 2003 A Trail to Discovery The Salt Lake Tribune
August 2003 Horseman Passes by Utah on Historic Trek Willow Glen Resident
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June 2003 Discovery Trail Challenge for Lone Rider Nevada Appeal
May 2003 Adventurer to Cross Country on Horseback Willow Glen Resident